Workshops and Seminars

Culture and Rights: Thailand in Comparative Perspective

June 21 – 26, 2010
This five-day workshop provides a chance for project participants to take part in an intensive seminar which will focus on exploring the nexus of the culture and rights theoretical debates and building practical skills.

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Culture and Rights in Thailand

July 5 – 7, 2011
This workshop is designed to facilitate discussion of the nine sub-projects within the Culture and Rights in Thailand Project among researchers themselves and with the resource people. In addition to providing a platform for presenting findings, the Workshop is intended to encourage interaction between resource people and researchers on all aspects of the papers. The Workshop also aims to strengthen the theoretical and conceptual framework of the Project in order for the project to do justice to the diversity of contemporary culture and rights debates.

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Exploring the Limits and Possibilities of Action Research – Experience from Culture and Rights in Thailand Project

July 6, 2012
Culture and Rights is pleased to host a seminar focusing on action research and cultural policy in Thailand. This seminar will bring together scholars, practitioners, government agents, and stakeholders to explore the limits of Culture and Rights research and ways that research can contribute to policy making.

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